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title: About
I am François, software developer, living in Berlin. Working mostly on security
software related to VPNs, authentication and authorization (SAML, OIDC, OAuth).
Mostly working with [PHP](https://www.php.net/), but interested in, and
@@ -16,4 +14,12 @@ You can reach me by email at [fkooman@tuxed.net](mailto:fkooman@tuxed.net).
### "Social"
* [Twitter](https://twitter.com/fkooman)
-* [GitHub](https://github.com/fkooman)
+* [Lobsters](https://lobste.rs/u/fkooman)
+* [sr.ht](https://sr.ht/~fkooman)
+### Signing Keys
+I use the following keys to sign software releases:
+* [minisign](files/fkooman-20190721.minisign.pub)
+* [PGP](files/fkooman.pgp.txt)
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title: Projects
-I'm working on [eduVPN](https://www.eduvpn.org/) and
-[Let's Connect!](https://www.letsconnect-vpn.org/). They are fully managed VPN
-solution, initially developed for education and research as eduVPN, but
-currently capable of handling many different VPN scenarios and able to replace
-many (commercial) VPN solutions to provide a fast, flexible, secure and not
-to mention, fully free software VPN service for any organization.
-Next, and as part of the work on eduVPN / Let's Connect! I wrote and maintain a
-number of libraries and applications written in PHP and Go. All of them are
-available both as Git repositories and as signed source archives.
-* [Git](https://git.tuxed.net/)
-* [Source Archives](https://src.tuxed.net/)
-The source archives are signed with [PGP](https://gnupg.org/) and
-You can download my public minisign key
-[here](files/fkooman-20190721.minisign.pub) and my public PGP key
-**NOTE**: I do not offer (free) support for this software, nor commit to
-maintaining them indefinitely. Feel free to use them, according to the license,
-ask questions, offer suggestions, or talk to me about contributing changes, but
-at all times be ready to take over maintenance of your local copy.
+I'm working on [eduVPN](https://www.eduvpn.org/). The eduVPN project provides a
+fully managed VPN solution, for education and research capable of handling many
+different VPN scenarios and able to replace most (commercial) VPN solutions to
+provide a fast, flexible, secure and not to mention, fully free software VPN
+service for any organization, scaling from a Raspberry Pi to multi server
+10 Gbit setups.