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+title: SoundTouch and IoT
+published: 2016-06-06
+The audio quality of the [Bose SoundTouch 10](https://www.bose.com/en_us/products/speakers/wireless_speakers/soundtouch-10-wireless-system.html)
+is pretty good. However, a number of things bug me, not just with the
+SoundTouch, but with "IoT devices" in general:
+1. You need to use a proprietary app on Android, iOS or Windows to set
+ everything up;
+2. You need to register for an account and provide personal information;
+3. Without account you can't do much with the device;
+4. It is not clear what kind of information is "leaked" to the manufacturer's
+ servers when using the system;
+Fortunately, the Bluetooth interface and the AUX input are available without
+setting anything up it turns out. So I decided to go back "offline". I
+accomplished this by removing the app from my phone and factory-resetting
+(`1 + Volume Down`) the SoundTouch. Unfortunately it is not possible to delete
+your "Bose account".
+A problem is that the system will remain in "setup mode" which automatically
+enables an open access point on the device to which everyone can connect. It
+should be possible to disable WiFi and Bluetooth using a button combination
+(`3 + Volume Down`), but it doesn't seem to work in "setup mode".
+Listening to the radio, without tracking, is now accomplished using an old
+Nokia phone with FM radio connected using a 3.5mm audio to the AUX input of the
+![Nokia, Bose, IoT](https://storage.tuxed.net/fkooman/public/upload/blog/nokia_bose_iot.jpg)
+I guess I am still lucky that it works as much as it does without connecting
+it to the Internet! But using new devices without giving your data to
+manufacturers should not be that difficult! There is no need to integrate so
+tightly with online services...