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+title: Packagist with your own Git Server
+published: 2018-05-29
+The [Packagist](https://packagist.org/) service is used to make it possible to
+install PHP dependencies using the [Composer](https://getcomposer.org/) tool.
+It is very much "optimized" for GitHub, but using your own Git server is also
+supported, although it has some rough edges:
+1. Packagist is not able to connect to web servers using the
+[Modern compatibility](https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Server_Side_TLS#Modern_compatibility)
+TLS configuration (issue [#918](https://github.com/composer/packagist/issues/918));
+2. Packagist's `update-package` hook requires the repository URL to have at
+least two path segments (issue [#917](https://github.com/composer/packagist/issues/917));
+3. Packgist's Git hook documentation could be more clear.
+It is not so difficult to work around these issues though. Hopefully these
+workarounds will not be required anymore in the future.
+### TLS
+You can use the
+[Intermediate compatibility](https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Server_Side_TLS#Intermediate_compatibility_.28default.29)
+TLS configuration for your "git" virtual host.
+### Path Segments
+If you set up your Git server according to my previous blog post
+[here](git_server_centos.html), you will have the problem that the
+`update-package` Git hook to won't work with Packagist. The repository URL must
+contain at least two path segments. So, for example the repository URL
+`https://HOST/php-yubitwee` won't work, but
+`https://HOST/fkooman/php-yubitwee` will.
+In order to work around this, you can modify the `repo.url` and `repo.path`
+fields in `/etc/cgitrc`, e.g.:
+ repo.url=fkooman/php-yubitwee
+ repo.path=/var/lib/git/fkooman/php-yubitwee.git
+Then move the repository directory to `/var/lib/git/fkooman/php-yubitwee.git`
+from `/var/lib/git/php-yubitwee.git` as well. That should be sufficient.
+Don't forget to clear the cache as documented in the previous blog post.
+### Git Hook
+The Packagist Git hook configuration is more or less documented
+What I actually ended up doing is put the following script as `post-receive` in
+my Git repository `hooks` directory, e.g.
+ #!/bin/sh
+ API_TOKEN=12345abcde
+ /usr/bin/curl \
+ -s \
+ -X POST \
+ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
+ "https://packagist.org/api/update-package?username=fkooman&apiToken=${API_TOKEN}" \
+ -d '{"repository":{"url":"https://HOST/fkooman/php-yubitwee"}}'
+Note that the `PACKAGIST_PACKAGE_URL` as mentioned on the Packagist
+documentation page is actually *your* Git repository URL.
+Make sure the file is executable:
+ $ chmod 0755 /var/lib/git/fkooman/php-yubitwee.git/hooks/post-receive
+You can actually run it directly to test it, otherwise it will be triggered
+when you push to your Git server.