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title: Packagist with your own Git Server
published: 2018-05-29
+modified: 2016-06-02
The [Packagist](https://packagist.org/) service is used to make it possible to
@@ -71,3 +72,45 @@ Make sure the file is executable:
You can actually run it directly to test it, otherwise it will be triggered
when you push to your Git server.
+**Update (2018-06-02)**: there are a couple of more things to keep in mind. One
+is that you need add a `source` key under `support` in `composer.json`,
+otherwise the "Source" link on Packagist will keep pointing to GitHub:
+ "support": {
+ "email": "fkooman@tuxed.net",
+ "source": "https://git.tuxed.net/fkooman/php-yubitwee"
+ },
+There is another problem with checking for updated tags. It seems Packagist
+won't find the new tags when committing a new tag to the repository. This
+could be due to cgit caching... At the moment I have no idea how to properly
+investigate this...
+In addition, you MUST push a new (tagged) release before Composer will retrieve
+the code from your new repository location in case you moved your repository.
+The older version(s) will keep being pulled in from the old location, even if
+they are no longer available there, thus breaking Composer if it depend on your
+code. Not great.
+All in all, it may not be the worst idea to not use Packagist at all for your
+packages, and instead just specify the repository directly in the
+`composer.json` of the projects that depend on your code, for example:
+ "repositories": [
+ {
+ "type": "vcs",
+ "url": "https://git.tuxed.net/fkooman/php-yubitwee"
+ }
+ ],
+ ...
+ "require": {
+ "fkooman/yubitwee": "^1"
+ },
+ ...
+That would solve all Packagist problems, and in the process reduce another
+(direct) proprietary dependency from the list!