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+title: Running in Mostar
+published: 2017-05-05
+One of the great things about travling is that you have new environments for
+running. Berlin is very flat, so after arriving in
+[Mostar](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mostar) and seeing the big hill "Hum"
+with the big white cross on top.
+After some research, and finding
+[this](https://amygilley35.wordpress.com/2013/09/17/running-in-mostar/) post by
+Amy, I decided that it shouldn't be too hard. It is slightly more than 6
+kilometer uphill run, starting from the "Župna crkva Svetog Petra i Pavla",
+the Catholic church, in the top right on the map below.
+![Running Track](../img/running_in_mostar.png)
+You can follow the blue dots all the way to the big cross, but running along
+the main road (yellow on the map) can be quite dangerous due to traffic and
+the curves in the road where it is hard to see oncoming traffic. I did stay on
+the left side of the road to not have to look back all the time for traffic.
+However, on the way down a car passed another car exactly where I was running,
+not cool! So be careful!
+From the start of the smaller road (white on the map) the run becomes very
+peaceful. That is the best part of the run, no people, no cars, no tourists.
+I did see a few people on bicycles going up as well. It seems running is really
+not something people do around here, even though it is so great!
+Reaching the top is really worth it. The view is amazing. Unfortunately you
+can't see the old bridge from here, as part of the hill is in front of
+the view. I read a few posts online that say you can walk a bit down to get a
+better view of the bridge, but those articles are full of mine warnings, so I
+stayed close to the cross and enjoyed the view for a while before heading
+down again.
+* Drink enough before heading out, or bring some water. There's nothing along
+ the way;
+* Stay on the left side of the main road (yellow on the map) to see oncoming
+ traffic;
+* If you're into barefoot running, you can do that on the smaller road (white
+ on the map), the pavement is very smooth;
+* Be careful, do not leave the road, stay on the path(s) at all times!