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+title: Sarajevo: Getting out of the Smoke
+published: 2017-04-23
+After looking forward to going to Sarajevo so much, it does not disappoint!
+Except maybe for the pervasive smoking everywhere, indoors, and even in
+restaurants. It is very hard to find a place where you can relax, sit and have
+a coffee or enjoy dinner without also breathing in smoke. I am not used to that
+anymore after being out of the smoke for so many years now!
+Of course, it does not matter so much when the weather is nice and you can be
+outside all the time, but when it snows a lot and is freezing outside, as it
+did the last couple of days, being warm and able to breath is nice to have.
+If you digital-nomad your way around having a place to work without voiding
+your laptop's warranty may be worth something as well :)
+This is just the initial list, maybe we'll find more. I'll update the post
+### Working
+#### EspressoLab
+So far, we found two places where you can work. One is a coffee place, called
+[EspressoLab](http://www.espressolab.ba/). It looks nice inside, smoke free,
+the coffee (cheap filter coffee!) is great, and so is the brownie. A bit
+sweet perhaps, but yummie! There is also an area downstairs with more seating
+as the table may be full already! There are some plugs, but I don't know
+exactly how many.
+#### Networks
+For a cheap co-working space, you can try [Networks](http://networks.ba/v2/).
+We just showed up as the website was down at that time. It seems they don't
+really accept the occasional coworker just for one day, but in the end it was
+possible for 9 KM per day. As a really nice gesture when leaving they told us
+that the first day was free, so we ended up paying nothing, except for the
+coffees which was 0.50 KM a cup, not the best, but at least warm :-)
+### Eating
+Of course, in the Balkans you need to eat
+[Burek](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/B%C3%B6rek#Bosnian_burek). There are a
+couple of nice places, without smoking in the old town. There's Bosna and
+![Bosna and Forino](../img/sarajevo_burek.jpg)
+As for the other dish you can't miss, there is of course
+[Ćevapi](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%C4%86evapi). You can find the good
+stuff at Željo and Željo 2. The picture here is of Željo 2, where you can't
+smoke inside. Not sure about the other Željo though...
+![Željo 2](../img/sarajevo_željo_2.jpg)
+If you want something else, a bit more variation you can try
+[Klopa](https://www.facebook.com/kloparestoran/). The food was good, but the
+portions a bit small, maybe I ordered the wrong thing, or got used to the big
+portions you get everywhere else :-)
+### Coffee
+Getting just a coffee, with a donut, you can go to Tasty Donuts. Nothing
+special though.
+![Tasty Donuts](../img/sarajevo_tasty_donuts.jpg)