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+title: Wireless Routers and VPNs
+published: 2015-07-30
+I've been playing around with [OpenWrt](https://openwrt.org) and
+[Freifunk](http://freifunk.net/). There are special OpenWrt images
+for Freifunk. They are slightly modified vanilla OpenWrt
+images. They include for instance [OpenVPN](https://openvpn.net/).
+The interesting approach here is that all traffic from the access point will be
+routed over the VPN, thus eliminating the liability for the provider of the
+access point: the traffic of the users on the Freifunk access point cannot
+(easily) be linked back to the ISP of the user. Especially in Germany this is
+if you want to share your Internet connection.
+The Freifunk images also support mesh networking, so it becomes possible to
+connect to Freifunk if your own router can connect to another Freifunk access
+point and relay the traffic. This way it is possible to make a mesh, and only
+one of the access points in the mesh needs to have an actual Internet
+connection that then can be shared. Brilliant!
+I used the
+[TP-Link TL-WR703N](http://wiki.openwrt.org/toh/tp-link/tl-wr703n)
+for Freifunk. It is not "officially" supported, but it was very easy to
+generate an image for it. It is a bit tricky to get working as there is only
+one ethernet port on the WR703N which is configured by default as the LAN
+port. It should be configured as the WAN port, perhaps I can modify the
+profile of the Freifunk firmware a bit to make it act as the WAN port by
+### eduroam
+This could also have a wider application, for example for [eduroam](https://eduroam.org).
+Together with [eduVPN](https://wiki.surfnet.nl/display/eduvpn/eduVPN) it makes for a compelling use case to use
+for instance the WR703N, available for less than $25 to promote eduroam
+everywhere from your home to libraries and cafes around the city. Minimal
+investment, great benefit for students and researchers!